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Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imaging ARKARetinal Imaging can help with the early detection and monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, inflammatory disorders, as well as heart disease, high cholesterol, detached retinas and high blood pressure. The free service is offered as standard in our comprehensive eye examination.

Our state of the art, Digital Retinal Camera captures photographs of the back of your eyes. The technique allows us to examine your retina in much more detail than more conventional methods. The images we take will be stored and can be reviewed each time you come for a test, allowing us to track even subtle changes and aiding us in making early diagnosis.

Having your eyes photographed is a very simple and comfortable procedure. No drops are required and the images are captured quickly, in just a few seconds, using low intensity flash. Your optometrist will take the time to show you the images and explain the test to you.